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by James Earl Ogatis

San Remegio, Antique. The demand for native chicken continuously increased amidst the covid-19 pandemic. Seeing this competitive advantage in the market, the native chicken project of the Samahan kang Mangunguma kag Mamamayan kang Agricula in San Remegio, Antique has slowly multiplied their stocks for the local market.

“We were able to increase our stocks to 150 heads of native chicken from the initial of 36 heads delivered to us last December, 2019.”said Mr. Tony Tumanday one of the three caretakers of the project.

Tumanday added that from the start they have recorded 10 mortalities and their first breeding cycle was a failure. ‘We decided to continue raising the remaining stocks and in the span of four months we have now a hundred plus number of heads.’’

Rosema Gregorio said that they are integrating commercial feeds with any available local produce like corn, grated coconut, malunggay leaves and other local grasses.

This integration is a great help in reducing their production inputs and not be dependent on commercial feeds from agricultural stores.
Presently, the association has initiated to make a temporary housing made of fishnet and bamboo poles to shelter the stocks from extreme heat of the sun and rain, also from natural predators such as snakes and wild cats while they are waiting for the delivery of the additional net and wire fencing as part of the package of the project.

Association President Mr. Ike Gregorio is optimistic that with good management and favorable weather condition their native chicken project will surely alleviate their economic condition. ‘We are planning to raise 100 hens and pioneer the production of native chicken eggs to supply the demand of San Remegio and neighboring towns especially San Jose de Buenavista which is the capital town of Antique. The SAAD program has also provided drugs and biologics and feeds aside from the housing materials and stocks to assure the Association of the program commitment and support. Their counterpart of labor and lot for the project further strengthen their ownership and responsibilities for the success of the project.