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DAEA Chapter 6
Dept. of Agriculture Employees Assosciation
Region 6, Iloilo City
The first General Assembly of DAEA 6 was held at
WESVIARC last May 4, 2010 after the Opening
Parade that marks the start of the Employees
Sports Festival Week. see videos and pics here
To work relentlessly for the promotion of
the members' economic, moral, political
and social well-being through
understanding, cooperation,
coordination and collective effort of all
and through peaceful negotiation with the
management and likewise serve as an
effective partner of the management in
promoting agricultural development for
the attainment of the agency's objectives
and goals.

A highly united, cohesive and
strengthened employees union sincerely
committed to protect the rights of the
members and promote their economic,
moral, political and social well-being
through understanding, cooperation,
coordination and collective effort of all in
order for them to be recognized with
highest dignity and their welfare served
with greatest magnanimity.

The Department of Agriculture RFU VI
Employees Union (DAEU) was organized
by the employees for the protection of
their rights, for the promotion of their
well-being and common welfare, and
also to serve as partner of the DA
management in the development of
agriculture to serve better the agency's
clientele, the farmers, in order to improve
the quality of life of the latter through
effective, efficient and timely delivery of
required basic services.

The following are the specific
objectives of DAEU6:

1. To establish an organization that will
represent the employees of the
Department of Agriculture Regional Field
Unit VI in collective negotiations with
respect to terms and conditions of
employment not specifically fixed by
laws, and reasonable working
conditions, as provided by Memo Circular
No. 30 series of 1994 in order to promote
and attain productivity.

2. To promote the moral, social, and
economic well being of all members.

3. To protect, uphold and further the
individual and collective rights, privileges,
and interests of all members.

4. To work for greater incentives of
Department of Agriculture Regional Field
Unit VI employees as provided by law
and all those who may work with them
and thus improve the quantity of output
of government.

5. To maintain adequate links and
cooperation with individuals or
organizations who uphold and subscribe
to the principles of the UNION for the
faster accomplishment of its purpose.

6. To strive for the adoption of legislation,
policies and other measure that will
promote the economic, social and general
well-being of all members in particular
and the public sector employees in

7. To promote the enlightenment of all
members with regard to their rights and
obligations as UNION members and as
employees of the public sector, the
existing collective negotiations
agreements and all other matters that
directly or indirectly affect them.
Organizational Profile

Year Organize: 1997
CSC Registration: Jan. 12, 1998
DOLE Registration: Jan. 12, 1998
Number: 533

Officers CY 2010
1. President - Mr. Jim Depra
2. VP Internal Affairs - Rolando Celiz
3. VP External Affairs - Dr. Jonic Natividad
4. Auditor - Salvacion Paredes
5. Asst. Auditor - Cyson Altis

Board Members:
1. Helen Maquiling
2. Amor Gregorio
3. Mira Talabong
4. Marilou Moy
5. Jose Pajarillo
6. Teodi Himatay
7. John Calumpiano
8. Lorenzo Palada

Officers CY 2002-2005
1. President - Dr. Joyce S. Wendam
2. VP Internal Affairs - Jim Depra
3. VP External Affairs - Evangelista Peruel
4. Secretary - Grace Alangre
5. Asst. Secretary - Lorie de Asis
6. Treasurer - Rizalie S. Fernandez
7. Auditor - Mae P. Nones
8. PRO - Velma S. Encanto
9. Asst. PRO - Charlie Sepaya

Collective Negotiation Agreement
Employee Benefit Programs:

1. Loyalty Pay
- as prescribed by CSC Memorandum Circular No. 06, series of 2002

2. Leave Privileges - in accordance with the provision of CSC Memorandum No. 6, series of 1996 and its
related issuances. And upon proper application and approval of CSC, additional non-cumulative leave
privilege of two (2) days Emergency leave in cases of actual emergencies such as typhoons, floods and
other natural and/or manmade disasters or calamities.

3. Employment of next-of-kin - in case of retirement under existing laws of any employee of the DA, the
spouse or any of his/her descendants within the first degree of consanguinity shall be given preference for
employment in the DA, provided he/she possesses the necessary qualification requirements and the retired
employee has rendered at least ten (10) years of service to the DA. In case of death or total permanent
disability, this provision shall also apply regardless of the employee's length of service.

4. Group Health and Accident Insurance - he DA shall provide group insurance to its employees for
hospital assistance program and personal accident program.

5. Rehabilitation Leave
- the DA shall ensure the implementation of rehabilitation leave for work-related
injuries in accordance with Section 55, Rule XVI (Leave of Absence) of the Omnibus Rules Implementing
Book V of Executive Order No. 292 as amended by CSC MC Nos. 41, s. 1998; 6, 14, 24, s. 1999). The
payment for related medical attendance, necessary transportation, subsistence and hospital fees of the
injured employee shall be authorized.

6. Awards and Incentives - the DA shall ensure the implementation of the Unified Program on Awards and
Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE) pursuant to Department Order No. 2, series of 2001 in
accordance with the provisions of CSC MC # 01, series of 2001.

7. Shuttle Service - the DA shall provide shuttle service for the employees during transport strike and other
natural calamities affecting mobility.

8. Day Care Center - the DA shall provide Day Care Center for working mothers pursuant to Section 4 of
Executive Order No. 340, Series of 1997 starting on the first year of this Agreement and every year

9. Recreation Area - the DA shall provide the employees a permanent area for recreational purposes. It
shall likewise provide the necessary physical fitness, sport and/or recreational equipment and facilities for
use of all employees free of charge.

10. Increase in existing benefits:
1. Staple food allowance - P1,000/month
2. Incentive Bonus for Retiree
3. Hazard Allowance

11. Housing Program - the DA shall ensure officials' and employees' access to housing benefits. For this
purpose, the DA shall make available its own vacant lots or whenever reasonable and practicable purchase
private lots for the officials and employees housing program and that DA shall coordinate with appropriate
government agencies relative to said housing program.

12. Provident Fund - the DA shall set up a Provident Fund for its officials and employees. For this purpose,
a Board of Trustees shall be created composed of the Regional executive Director (RED) as the Chairman
and six (6) other members, three (3) of whom shall be appointed by the RED and the other three (3) to be
appointed by the UNION Board.

13. Compensatory Day-Off - the DA shall grant non-commutable leave credits or compensatory day-off in
lieu of overtime services rendered without pay pursuant to the provisions of CSC MC No. 30, s. 1994.

14. Living Quarters - the DA shall provide and maintain in the regional office living quarters for transient
employees on official business.

15. Performance and Attendance Incentive - the DA shall provide complete attendance (excluding
privilege and forced leave, special non-working holidays), incentive of not less than P10,000 to rank-and-file
employees who have not incurred absences starting on the first year of this agreement and every year

16. Review, Dissertation and Thesis Writing Leave- the DA cognizant of individual initiatives of
employees to attain higher academic learning shall allow employees to avail of BAR and Board Review,
Dissertation and Thesis Writing Leave for a maximum of six months with pay.

Signing bonus/cna incentive: In recognition of this momentous occasion and as an act of goodwill, the
DA agrees to grant signing bonus/CNA incentive per employee in such amount as is reasonable and as
maybe permitted by the financial position of the DA upon the effectivity of this Agreement.

Management negotiation panel:


DAEU negotiation panel:

Jim Depra






Previously known as DAEU6
(Department of Agriculture Employees Union Region 6),
we are now known as
DAEA Chapter 6.

Unified as it is agreed upon by the union members of the
Central Office and all other regions, we are now more
united as ever, as a strong work force. Not only to uplift
the basic human rights of each member, but also to
perform our functions deligently as public servants.
DAEA6 Housing Project Updates
Duties & Responsibilities of Officers
The Power and the Responsibilites that
goes with it, read here
Union President Mr. Jim Depra making the
opening speech, announcing the General
Assembly and the Election of Officers. PCOS
machine or not, we will continue the election.
Did you know...?
Since October 12, 2004 our Union has
implemented the Free Medical Assistance to its
members. Read more here
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