by Joan C. Velario

The Department of Agriculture- Western Visayas Integrated Agricultural Research Center (WESVIARC) hold its annual farmers field day and field tour at Hamungaya, Brgy. Buntatala, Jaro, Iloilo City on October 10, 2018.

A total of 500 farmers from different farmers association in the municipalities of San Miguel, Sta. Barabara,Cabatuan, Leon,Tigbauan,Zarraga and Dingle, Iloilo joined the field tour.

Dr.Corazon A. Arroyo, OIC Chief, Research Division said that the current technology and researches conducted in the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute(PNRI) on the use of carrageenan in rice production was showcased during the field day.

Carrageenan is an additional nutrient developed through radiation and use as folliar fertilizer known to enhance rice resistance to pest and diseases.

Dr. Arroyo added that a continuous study being conducted by PNRI on its ability as growth enhancer, using seaweed as one of its raw ingredients gathered further data about its underlying benefits to rice farmers.

Farmer participants toured the rice production which showcased different rice varieties with carrageenan application; NSIC Rc402, NSIC Rc27, NSIC Rc160, NSIC Rc300, NSIC Rc346 and NSIC Rc170, among others.

Furthermore, the nutrient application was also used in 2500 hectares of rice production areas located in the municipalities of San Miguel, Dingle, Dumangas in Iloilo and Dumarao and Sigma in Capiz.

The research, production and training center in Western Visayas aims to transform lives of the farmers through effective transfer of research, development and extension results as well as effectively implement and disseminate profitable and environmental friendly technologies to modernize the agriculture sector in Western Visayas.