by James Earl Ogatis & Sheila Mae H. Toreno

ILOILO CITY—Recognizing the selfless commitment and hard work of an employee who died in line with duty, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Region 6 had recently gave a posthumous award and Pamanang Lingkod Bayani Iskolarship to the immediate family of the late Alan R. Umadhay.

“The DA Western Visayas lost one servant leader but the Civil Service Commission has gained one story to tell every employee of the government,” said CSC Region 6 director Nelson G. Sarmiento who called Umadhay as a ‘servant hero.’

Umadhay was an Agriculturist II of the Department of Agriculture (DA) Western Visayas. As a designated market development specialist for rice, he had facilitated a series of product development trainings for the beneficiaries of the Rice Processing Complex from March 9 to 14, 2018 in Numancia, Aklan. Unfortunately on the last day of the training, he suffered a cerebro-vascular accident (stroke) which led to his untimely death.

Sarmiento together with CSC Iloilo Field Office director John Esar T. David gave the posthumous citation, and full scholarship grant for the employee’s three daughters during a program held at DA WESVIARC, Iloilo City, July 22.

Umadhay’s wife Victoria had also received financial assistance under the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani program apart from the one-time grant of P100,000.00 from the Commission.

“The sudden death of my husband is the saddest part that happened in my life. At first, I did know what to do but seeing our three daughters, I realized that I have to be strong and determined to keep going,” said Umadhay’s widow.

She thanked the DA management headed by Regional Executive Director Remelyn Recoter and employees for facilitating the requirements needed to qualify for the Pamanang Lingkod Bayani award.

“This award is the legacy of my husband to our children. Kun diri si tatay subong, sigurado gid ako nga happy gid siya para sa tatlo ya ka bata. Ari lang ako mag guide sa ila para malab-ot ang ila handum sa kabuhi kag may maayo nga bwas damlag paagi sang sini nga scholarship. Ang financial support nga ihatag sa amon akon gid gamiton sa insakto nga pamaagi para sa amon pangabuhi. Tay, kun sa diin ka man subong very proud gid kami sa imo. Ang programa nga ini ginahalad gid para sa imo sa pagdumdom sa imo maayo nga hinimuan (sic),” she shared.